Welcome to The Third Rail!

The Third Rail is essentially a "connecting point". Conservative and Christian broadcasters can gain access to dynamic and well informed broadcast celebrities with unique ideas and truths. Many of these celebrities are well known across the land, while several others are just now emerging into public view. All have very powerful, timely, and distinctive messages. We fill a role as a kind of "booking agency" for committed conservative experts to appear on radio stations across the land and for creative broadcasters to get out ahead of the curve…

That leaves only one pressing question: Where did we get this unusual name? In both journalism and the world of politics, there are those topics, which are highly dangerous to touch, because the liberal media is hostile to such viewpoints and frankly committed to punishing those willing to step beyond "political correctness." The Third Rail commentators, on the other hand, are those dedicated enough to throw off these shackles and to speak the truth far and wide.

We applaud all of these bold souls and urge you to read their personal profiles. Click here to do so.