Steve Bruecker

Steve Bruecker

A retired educator and possessor of a masters degree in Christian apologetics from the much respected graduate school at Biola University, Mr. Bruecker is a much in demand speaker in southern California. He readily tells his students how profound was his conversion from unbelief and atheism and how much his academic career and faith grew after becoming a “disciple” of the famed Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason. So engaging was Bruecker that he quickly assembled a virtual “stable” of apologetics devotees in southern California and


As amiable as he is animated, this man literally thrives on the initial questions and even the disagreement of his attendees and listeners. Quickly does their initial disbelief turn into the contemplation of never previously considered evidence before turning into agreement and awe—all within a biblical framework! Apologetics, the intelligent, reasoned defense of the faith, is Steve’s “bag,” but making the Scriptures understandable and fascinating is his greatest gift.

Current interview topics:

  • “Is There an Objective Morality?”
  • “Defending the Biblical Trinity”
  • “Is God Truly the Author of the Bible?”

Recorded shows:

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